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Amazing people!

:iconhearts-plz::heart::iconhearts-plz::heart:|PC| Cute connected icons by BlueEyed-BlackWinged:heart::iconhearts-plz::heart::iconhearts-plz:

Alex x Deven

:iconsparklesplz::heart::iconsparklesplz:Alex and Deven by evillovebunny500:iconsparklesplz::heart::iconsparklesplz:
Alex x Deven by evillovebunny500AlliDev by evillovebunny500
Art Trade With Evillovebunny500 by chichidawolfArt Trade- evillovebunny500 by SpazzanCommission for Evillovebunny500 by Tunicorn1.:PC:. AlliDev by Gediminas-Bakutiene.:G:. Cuties by BlueEyed-BlackWinged'He's Mine' by Captain-KKAlex x Deven Commission by Captain-KKAlex and Deven for Evil-- Happy B-Day! by bunny500PC: Chibi Alex and Deven by sariasong64Alex and Deven by evillovebunny500


Chapter 1: Reincarnate
May 12, 2014
Castiel was numb.
Dean was dead.

He was dead and there was nothing him or Sam could do anymore.

It took him hours before he could even think to look for his friend. He found him, curled up on the floor and empty bottle of whiskey in his hand. Even though the lights were off he could still see, the only source of light leaking in from the hallway.

Picking up the giant he could see the tear tracks on his face, grief welled up again but Castiel just swallowed down the lump and carried Sam to his bedroom.

After he carried him through the hallways, he placed Sam gently down on the bed. He smoothed back his hair and began to work at making Sam comfortable.

He pulled off his boots and set them gently at the end of the bed. Cas then got a warm wash cloth and cleaned his face, once he was done he pulled his comforter over him.

Opening the door to leave, Castiel peered back one last time to see Sam sleeping restlessly and slowly shut the door softly behind himself.

Cas had to brace himself against the closed door his throat constricting.

He wished he was an angel. He wouldn’t ever had to deal with these...these feelings, of pure heartbreak, sadness and fear.

Pulling himself together and blinking away the tears threatening to fall, he pushed himself away from the door, determined to find Dean.


Home is Where? Cover by evillovebunny500


Would you guys be interested in more adopts? 

4 deviants said Yes
4 deviants said nah


evillovebunny500 has started a donation pool!
1,073 / 5,000

Status by evillovebunny500Status by evillovebunny500Status by evillovebunny500Status by evillovebunny500

You will have to pay me beforehand!

:bulletgreen:I can't draw animals or backgrounds all that well so ask at your own risk~

:bulletblue:I wont do anything inappropriate

:bulletgreen:I have the right to decline and say no!

:bulletblue:I prefer that you note me for character and background info but you don't have to

50 :iconpointsplz: per extra person

30:iconpointsplz: for an icon
Dean Icon by evillovebunny500Sam Icon by evillovebunny500Cas Icon by evillovebunny500Astina Icon by evillovebunny500Ichabod icon by evillovebunny500Icon: Victal by evillovebunny500

40 :iconpointsplz: for a line art
Ex: Commission by evillovebunny500 or i can do it with a white background as well please be specific

50:iconpointsplz: for a kneehigh picture in my normal style
Ex:lost in the flow of time by evillovebunny500Lady cutie by evillovebunny500Venus by evillovebunny500

60 :iconpointsplz: for a fulbody person colored digitally in my normal style
Ex: [Com] Mentis by evillovebunny500[Com] Demon babe by evillovebunny500[Com] Teearie by evillovebunny500

100:iconpointsplz: for a fullbody person colored digatally in a more serious style
Ex: Kameo by evillovebunny500Cross Husbands by evillovebunny500

70:iconpointsplz: 1 layer in my normal style no bg
EX:Kanaya by evillovebunny500Alex by evillovebunny500

80:iconpointsplz: cutesy chibi
[AT] Lindsey by evillovebunny500[AT] Vol by evillovebunny500
80:iconpointsplz: for a fullbody person and a background in my normal style
Ex:Al[phin] by evillovebunny500[PA] Mark crawl out of the trenches by evillovebunny500

130:iconpointsplz: for a fullbody person and a background in a more serious style
Ex:Summer Contest Entry by evillovebunny500[AT] Zoe by evillovebunny500King Deven by evillovebunny500

100 :iconpointsplz: for a pixel still page doll no background
Ex: Ziener by evillovebunny500Sky by evillovebunny500

150:iconpointsplz: for a gif with a person with no background
Ex:[Gif] Serina by evillovebunny500[Com] lothol by evillovebunny500

200:iconpointsplz: for a gif with a person and background
Ex: Goldenlionflyinggoat contest entry by evillovebunny500Teznep by evillovebunny500

I also take custom designs!

50 :iconpointsplz: Grub fantroll designs:
Ex: [Custom] Sos by evillovebunny500Grub one and Grub two! [Custom] by evillovebunny500

80 :iconpointsplz: Adult Fantroll designs:
Ex: Easela by evillovebunny500[Custom] Swirls by evillovebunny500

100 :iconpointsplz: Custom original designs *please humanoid things!*
Ex: Mage by evillovebunny500

I don't do refunds but i do do redraws uvu
If you aren't happy with something you commissioned I'm willing to, on the most part, redraw it uvu

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End of the year contest[Open]

Sun Nov 16, 2014, 7:49 AM
:iconyaayplz: Hello guys! cc: this was the day most people voted for a contest to start so here i am!:iconyaayplz:

:iconsparklesplz:Please read the rules carefully to participate!:iconsparklesplz:

:bulletpink: You must draw, write or create something with one or more of these characters in it! i would love to see a bunch of different medias :D
:bulletred: if you decide to gender bend any of them you have to gender bend everyone else in the picture uvvu
:bulletorange: you must make a journal entry advertising this contest and link it back to me
:bulletyellow: you must link the entry to me and also submit it to :iconhome-is-where: where a folder will be labeled 'Contest' and no you do not need to be a member of a watcher to submit or join this contest
:bulletgreen: i will inform you to submit it to the group if you only link it to this journal!
:bulletblue: If you have any questions don't be afraid to comment on this journal, on my group or by sending me a note!
:bulletpurple:  nudity and sexual content is a-ok with me but there are DA restrictions uvvu
:bulletblack:.You can have as many entries as you want however.If you get one place you are not eligible for the others! uvvu
:bulletwhite: I'm perfectly ok with nudity and NSFW so if for some reason anyone wants to do one of those you may sned the entry to my tumblr instead at /although i don't expect anything ah ha/


January 11th [May be set back farther!]


For participants

:heart: Everyone who enters can get a simple flat color 1 layer picture from me! *note animale and other creatures are not easy for me to draw and will probably come out terrible

:heart: Everyone who submits an entry and donates a prize will get a simple flat color1 layer picture as well as a full colored knee high picture

:heart: anyone who enters with a couple picture and donates a prize will get a simple flat color 1 layer picture, a knee high, and a simple gif without a background

First Place

:iconsparklesplz: 200:iconpointsplz: and a couple or two people full body colored picture from :iconevillovebunny500:

Second Place

:iconsparklesplz: 175 :iconpointsplz: and two people full body colored picture from :iconevillovebunny500:

Third Place

:iconsparklesplz: 125 :iconpointsplz: and one person fullbidy colored picture from :iconevillovebunny500:


The links link to folders and a ref can be found in there along with other examples if there are any, if additional information is need don't be afraid to contact me!













Mil and Son…






If you wanted to do a couple picture here are the pairings

Alex x Deven

Wrex x Rosey

Leah x Borg

Treavor x Reven

Larg X Lester

Marcy x Sigfreed

Fay X Karen

:iconrainbowsqueeplz: Entrees:iconrainbowsqueeplz:

journal skin creator made by SimplySilent


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Jennifer [Fern Sea]
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Leah thomas by evillovebunny500


Fren Sea(Jennifer)
United States

Twin sister: :heart: :iconsmasherlovesbunny500: :heart:
Best friend irl: :heart: :iconbunny500: :heart:

Other people i know in real life:

:heart:~shipping stamps~:heart:
(stamps belong to there creators)

Dean/cas: Destiel Samp by SSNTTP-ViviDestiel - Kissed by an Angel by olivia8383Destiel Stamp 3 by Ibu-kiDestiel Stamp 2 by Ibu-kiDestiel stamp~ by RimekuDESTIEL - stamp by Lilly225Destiel Stamp 1 by Ibu-kiMeeting in the purgatory Stamp by Tsuki-NekotaDestiel Stamp by kaylalaxxI will go down with my ship because... by Vizo-vi
Cherik Stamp by blutastic
johnlock: Johnlock Stamp by Gatergirl79Johnlock Stamp by Ad1erJohnlock stamp by techno-britanniaSH Sherlock and John Stamp by TwilightProwlerSH Sherlock + John Nobody Could Stamp by TwilightProwlerSH Sherlock + John Stamp by TwilightProwlerSH Sherlock and John Laughing Stamp by TwilightProwler
gamkar stamps Flushed Gamzee Karkat by YukinoTenshi23 KarkatGamzee stamp'd. by MeepitDominationClubGamzee x Karkat by n-c-b-stamps KarkatGamzee stamp'd. by MeepitDominationClub Pale Gamzee Karkat by YukinoTenshi23
davesol applebees stamp by STRAlTJACKET
solnepNepeta x Sollux stamp by RionettasStamps
rosekan Flushed Kanaya Rose by YukinoTenshi23 Pale Kanaya Rose by YukinoTenshi23
johndave Pale Dave John by YukinoTenshi23DaveJohn stamp by OwlThePink
dirkjakeJakeDirk Stamp by heiichoDirkJake Stamp~ by ThePrincessOfChaos
tezvris Caliginous Vriska Terezi by YukinoTenshi23
ternepTerezi x Nepeta by n-c-b-stamps
roxjane:RoxyJane stamp by OwlThePinkCotton Candy (RoxyxJane) Stamp~ by ThePrincessOfChaos
araneameenah Pale Meenah Aranea by YukinoTenshi23
grandsummoningGrand Summoning Stamp by Vouloir-chan
daverezi:dave and terezi by Orgasmic-Scream

Please go ahead and thank me for the watch/faves/llama <3 i love to meet new people!



Nov 23, 2014
5:06 pm
Nov 23, 2014
2:41 pm
Nov 23, 2014
11:48 am
Nov 22, 2014
5:54 pm
Nov 22, 2014
10:54 am


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